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Inside A Black Hole

Black Hole, everyone knows about black hole ( a general introduction ) but not in that depth, so that they can imagine there-self inside it NOT even scientists yet. So, i am here to give a short contrast on this... Continue Reading →

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Radius Of Influencity

Finally i found the formula for radius of influencity. As told by me , you know that mass is formed after a required mixture of system (Protons and Neutrons) which is responsible for energy of matter and the space which... Continue Reading →

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So finally, i am going to write about the most famous and my personally favorite topic "AREA 51". So, there are enormous amount of data that can be written on it. But i will write only few of them, which... Continue Reading →

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Hello friends, So, i know its strange but i want to ask a simple question from  you readers. When did the first moon landing took place? I know 99.99% of your answers will be like apollo 11 mission in 1969.... Continue Reading →

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            Time: A can’t avoidable thing in all theories and researches. So,We are living here, but how? Means it is notable,measurable,and can be scaled.We need a definite unit to measure anything, see anything or define anything. So, time is that... Continue Reading →

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Alien Interview (GOD FOUND)

Some months ago i was reading a downloaded PDF containing about an interview of an alien. Based On Personal Notes and Interview Transcriptions Provided by :Matilda O'Donnell Mac Elroy. They named aliens as IS-BE. I was amazed by reading something.... Continue Reading →

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We know that everything, matter, object, animal, bird and plant which OR who are born or take birth have a definite DEATH and BIRTH. Like this concept UNIVERSE also have a definite death (END) and definite rebirth. It is a... Continue Reading →

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The Roswell Rock

Today i am writing about "The Roswell Rock" which i came to know about through a tv series (which i saw almost 3 years ago), which beautifully described its features and importance of this particular rock. “The Roswell Rock” that... Continue Reading →

Energy Mass Dependence

  After a long time, after struggling a lot on dependency of combination of mass and energy forming matter, I come to a satisfying result which we can say “Energy Mass Dependence”. So, I am gonna to publish an article... Continue Reading →

Nazca Lines

So, after a long time I am going to publish my ideas on nazca lines, I had placed nazca lines as in coming soon article. So, firstly I want to tell you what really nazca line is.The Nazca Lines are... Continue Reading →

An Equation

Consider a system of protons and neutrons known as nucleus of mass something and net charge something. Suppose thes system have energy of something. ⊗It attracts or shrinks the space but with respect to time to make mass and gravitational... Continue Reading →

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